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Musicals to My Ears

I've been spending the past couple of weeks listening to the following musicals on YouTube over and over and over again:

Legally Blonde: The Musical - Broadway Version — It's currently playing at the Lyric Theatre in Sydney which I watched at the end of October. It was hilarous and I'm totally obsessed with skipping ropes now. Every single song is earworm. Someone taped the Broadway version off MTV.

A Very Potter Musical — Found this in the right-side bar where all the related videos are listed. Realised that it was Darren Criss (Blaine from Glee) playing Harry Potter. The show is completely fan-made and stars students from the University of Michigan, so the audio isn't all that good in some bits. The musical is a parody, so it's best if you turn your brain off and just accept the jokes as they come no matter how crude they are sometimes. Back To Hogwarts and Granger Danger are my favourite tunes.

Les Miserables - 25th Anniversary Concert @ O2 — I'm surprised that a couple of YouTube users managed to upload the entire concert and so far get away with it. The 10th Anniversary Dream Cast is also available in full.

Then again, I probably wouldn't have gone ahead and impulse bought the 25th Anniversary Phantom of the Opera / Les Miserables double on blu-ray if I didn't see it on YouTube.

Whether you like the 10th Anniversary Dream Cast better compared to the 25th Anniversary Cast is a matter of preference. I think both concerts were well done and it's hard to compare because the presentation is different. 25th Anniversary had more of the story while in the 10th Anniversary, most of the story telling was replaced by one sentence summaries.

Nevertheless, speaking for myself:

  1. Colm Wilkinson will forever be considered the Jean Valjean, but I actually prefer Alfie Boe - his voice is a lot stronger and more powerful. Also Colm Wilkinson does this weird thing with his mouth whenever he sings...

  2. Fantine - Ruthie Henshall vs Lea Salonga. Both were great, but I think Lea Salonga showed a lot more emotion. Watching her plead not to be thrown in prison makes you want to cry with her.

  3. 25th Anniversary jerk-ass who tries to get Fantine arrested was more "impressive" than the 10th Anniversary Dream Cast jerk-ass.

  4. Norm Lewis was great as Javert in the 25th Anniversary cast and his "shoutfest" (Confrontation) with Alfie Boe was epic. But I still prefer Phillip Quast hands down.

  5. Robert Madge (25th Anniversary Cast) completely owns Gavroche. So much spunk. What a little cutie.

  6. Normally, I'd consider (older) Cosette to be a bore. But Katie Hall really made me like her a lot more than Judy Kuhn's Cosette. I never realised how frustrated Cosette was with Valjean until I saw Katie Hall's rendition.

  7. I also prefer Ramin Karimloo's Enjolras over Michael Macguire's

  8. Eponine! Samantha Barks vs Lea Salonga. This was a tough decision. Lea Salonga was better vocally, but Samantha Barks had the attitude and presence. Looking forward to seeing her in the movie.

  9. Marius - Michael Ball over Nick Jonas HANDS DOWN. Nick Jonas was just dwarfed by everyone else. Michael Ball and Lea Salonga's rendition of "A Little Fall of Rain" was also better.

Incidentally, Phantom of the Opera made more sense to me during the 25th Anniversary concert than the movie. Hrm.
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