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And I Was Like: Baby, Baby, Baby Nuuu~

My bid to keep in touch with my artistic side.

Sketches of Euphie

Musings on Parenthood

This time last month, I was preggers and being walked around Liverpool and then some (all the way from the station to my house afterwards) because "ninjaspawn" was taking her sweet time coming into the world.

Almost one month on, I've been reflecting on the following...

Biggest Parental N00b Mistake #1
"Wow! She's really quiet. I must be lucky!" — Apparently there's a three week "honeymoon" period. She likes to play "Guess What I'm Crying About" a lot more often now. It's challenging on the patience sometimes and as shameful as it is to admit, it was hard not to think about slapping her silly on the nappy.

Still, it's really rewarding when you discover how to push right buttons and worse case, I think my "Indiana Jones" handling skills have improved (i.e. slip her into her swaddling / cot without disturbing her too much).

Biggest Parental N00b Mistake #2
"She's dirtied her nappy! Better change it right away!" — Because there's always more "ammo" afterwards. Didn't even think it was possible to "go" three times consecutively with a one minute break in between. I (and my furniture) have been "shot at" no less than four times so far. I'm just glad we had a girl...

Biggest Parental N00b Mistake #3
"Nursing for Six Hours Straight Is Normal" — Because it's actually a little bit nuts...

Stuff I'm Doing More Of
Laundry — Milk puke, milk puke, everywhere. Luckily, I don't mind ironing. I find it calming for some reason... @_@;

The Thing I Find Most Annoying
Swaddle On, Swaddle Off — You'd think it would be the crying fits but no. Time to feed her - swaddle off; Time for her to sleep - swaddle on; I heard her use the "poo cannon" - swaddle off; She's escaped out of her swaddle - swaddle on; Let's try picking her up - swaddle off; Ok she's settled - swaddle on...

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