Libbie (leenabeans) wrote,

Always a 99/55 'Sin at Heart

It would appear that no matter how much time has passed since quitting International Ragnarok Online (iRO), I always regress back to it some how.

Last year, I joined a private server for a few months with some old iRO buddies and managed to make a LV99/xx Assassin Cross. Best fun was playing King of the Emperium which was like a mini-guild war session held every hour and lasts about 15 minutes. Mobbing undead in the new areas was also good fun. Nothing like the sound of multiple mobs marching their way into a well timed ME (magnus exorcismus) cast.

And of course - my favourite past time - hat collecting.

The other day ArtemisDream (an old buddy from the Dragon's Pride guild we used to be allied to for War of the Emperium) AIMed me saying how iRO was to become Free2Play come March.

Apparently all three servers - Chaos, Loki and Sakray will be merged too.

My, times must be tough for Gravity...

As tempting as it is to ressurect my old gimpy 99/55 AGI-STR equipment CRIT 'Sin, and see some old friends again. It just doesn't feel right to "exhume" a character that's been resting for well over 6 years.

I'd start again with a new character, but iRO was even more grind than "classic" FFXI.

I guess I'll just have to satisfy nostalgia by listening to RO BGMs and the following YouTube videos:

Theme of Alde Baran - Studio A Remix

Purity of your Smile (Amatsu Town BGM) - Piano Version
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Free2Play? Good lord. I wonder if my old Rogue is still there.