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My Two Cents on Various Topics

December 2010 has been a pretty busy period in terms of social gatherings and family obligations.

Here are my two cents on various games and movies I've come across:

Joysound Wii DX

If there was one game I wish was made multi-region, it would have to be Joysound Wii. Unfortunately, it's JP Systems ONRI.

For a piddly amount of Wii points, you get 24 hour unlimited access to a huge library of Japanese as well as English songs. There's a catalogue you can look through for songs or you can go online through the in-game search function or a computer.

The coolest feature of this "game", in my opinion, is the fact that you could import your Mii characters as in-game avatars while you're singing.

Given such an option, it was too hard to resist importing the Michael Jackson Mii. It was even harder to resist not making Michael Jackson sing the wrong songs.

Some songs I made MJ sing include:

* Beat It - Michael Jackson
* Catch You, Catch Me - Card Captor Sakura OP
* Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen - Neil Sadaka
* Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
* Avril Lagvine Medley

Of course, the down side to using MJ is that for the REALLY WRONG songs (e.g. Catch You, Catch Me and Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen), I spent most of the time laughing through the song instead of actually singing.

I was also impressed by the English song selection. They had quite a large selection of English songs including some from musicals and some "new" releases.

Tron Legacy

Someone from work organised this as a optional Tech Team social gathering. Having missed the first Tech Team movie night, I decided to come along to this one.

To my discredit, I haven't actually seen the original Tron movie. The only reason I know about Tron is through the Kingdom Hearts II game.


Anyway, it was decided that we'd see the 3D version.

I personally think 3D movies are still too overpriced and not as impressive as they could be. There was a warning at the beginning of the movie that some parts of the movie was taken in 2D format but most of the time, the whole movie looked 2D to me.

The story was also "meh", but what do you expect from a Disney sci-fi sequel to an 80s flick really.

What I did find cool were the flying disc and light bike battles. It made the "Tron" part of the Kingdom Hearts II make a lot more sense.

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (aka HP7: Part 1)

After months of "Whoo! Can. Not. Wait. For this to come out!" and then a month of "Meh, I hate Events Cinemas they're too bloody expensive", I finally dragged some friends along to see it at Broadway Hoyts for a bargain price of $10 a ticket - yay! \o/

Unlike the first six movies, I've actually finished reading the entire set of novels before watching HP7: Part 1. I don't think I can fully pass judgement on how well the last novel was adapted to the last movie(s) until I see Part 2, but overall, I thought HP7: Part 1 was well done.

There were few changes from the novel that seemed to be random (at least to me). I suppose getting the DVD later and watching it with added commentary would shed some light on what they were thinking.


I hate Will Ferrell as an actor, but as a voice, he's not so bad.

Megamind was a pretty "smart" movie too. It had a nice twist to the whole Good vs. Evil thing.
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That day would not have been the same without your MJ avatar. XD

Although that "Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen" song would have been wrong no matter who was singing it...