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I Think I'll Try Defying Gravity~

And today's impulse buy is...

Wicked: A Broadway Musical Soundtrack

Last week I lucked out on some cheap(ish) tickets to the Sydney production of Wicked at the Capitol Theatre. A co-worker's sister bought four tickets but double booked herself and couldn't go. So I grabbed two for chuuchuu and I.

Despite wanting to see it for a while, I didn't actually know much about the musical itself until I saw it that night.

And I was completely blown away by everything: the set (I was literally blinded by the brillance of The Emerald City), the performance (AU Glinda and Elphaha were awesome), the storyline. Especially the storyline - I was very impressed by how they turned the original Wizard of Oz story on its head and all the foreshadowing statements as well as homages it the original story littered throughout the plot.

Right after the musical, I was psyched up about trying to get my hands on the original novel that the musical was based on, but after reading about how dark and depressing it is, I decided to give it a pass ( sorry, I like my "Disney" endings (/.\) ).

As for a the music, earlier this week, I commented to meteordust how I didn't think the songs in Wicked were "epic". I'm going to take that back for the sake of the following song: Defying Gravity. I wouldn't call What is this Feeling? and Popular "epic", but they're up there with songs I'd play on endless repeat.

I don't think the Ensemble songs are as moving as Les Miserables, but overall it has its moments.

It's too bad they probably won't make an Australian recording of this show. I really liked the way Lucy Durack (Glinda) and Jemma Rix (Elphaba) played their characters. Especially Glinda - she was a lot more hilarious than the other Glindas I've seen on YouTube. And boy can Jemma Rix really belt out "Defying Gravity".

I've seen a totally of three musicals in my life time: Miss Saigon, Avenue Q, Les Miserables and now Wicked. Based on performances at the time, I think it's safe to say that Wicked is my new favourite.

EDIT: Added Avenue Q thanks to kawaii_no_miko for reminding me XD
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