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Reflecting on (Olympic) Dreams

Yes, I'm still alive! It's the usual "I'm too busy" / "Currently in a slack mood". When you're constantly time deprived, taking the time to write down thoughts for random Interwebs lurkers to see is usually the first habit to go.

Might give a month-by-month run down on 2012 so far, maybe sometime this century... if it doesn't feel like an obsolete exercise to carry out.

Speaking of 2012, the Summer Olympics have come and gone. Despite some early gaffes (bus driver getting lost, mistaking the flag of "Naughty Korea" with that of "Nice Korea", so many empty seats that the Army were called to fill them, etc.), I think London 2012 was fantastic.

Had to get up at 5:30am on a Saturday morning to see the Opening Ceremony and the lack of sleep was definitely worth it. Mr. Bean and the Chariots of Fire sequence is probably all that needs mention to describe how well done it was, but other highlights include:

  • opening sequence introducing the four "countries" of Great Britian and the evolution to industrialisation

  • an army of Mary Poppinses defeating Lord Voldemort and other dark minions in classic English literature

  • lighting of the cauldron and how it was formed by bringing a bunch of torches together to symbolise unity was also pretty cool

I'm not sure what made me so eager to follow the event. I don't recall being this enthusiastic with Athens 2004 or Beijing 2008 unless a Gold medal win was involved. Maybe it was because I had a friendly bet going with an British Online Gaming friend. Anyway, I watched more TV over the past two weeks just watching the Olympic coverage (even though it was handled pretty poorly by Channel Nine) than I have for a very long time. (Not including watching NCIS DVDs!)

My favourite day would have to be Day 11 when Sally Pearson (100m hurdles) and Anna Meares (cycling, sprint) salvaged a very mediocre AU Olympic campaign (compared to previous performances) by taking gold in their respective events. Both had inspiring background stories coming into the Olympics. Both inpsiring in their success at achieving Gold medals in London 2012.

Actually, let's harp on Sally Pearson some more. Slightly embarassed to mention that I've been a little bit obsessed with her lately.

Inspired by Cathy Freeman's 400m Gold medal in the Sydney 2000 Olympics. Hand-picked by her long-time coach at a young age for her potential. Raised by a single mum who sacrificed everything to support her daughter's dream. Literally trains her guts out. She took Silver at the Beijing 2008 Olympics and made plans to go one better at London 2012.

.. and "she bloody did it"!

Sounds like something out of a sports manga.

I was actually able to see the race live. Thank goodness the race was only 12.5 seconds - I would have missed my train to work. I ran out of the house as soon as the results were announced.

I found it really interesting to listen to her Beijing 2008 post-race interview and comparing it to her Gold Medal (and new Olympic Record!) win at London 2012. You can really notice how much she's grown as a World Champion athlete.

It's too late for me to form any sort of Olympic dream. But I hope I'd be able to nuture whatever talents my little one might have the way Sally's coach and mother did.

Except for more triumphs over the water thanks to the AU Sailing team, all other prospects fell short. We (as in Australia) finished 10th on the medal tally. Great Britian finished 3rd.

Bother, wonder what kind of punishment Stoobles has in store for me...
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