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2011 in Review and Aspirations for 2012

Needless to say, 2011 was a big year for me first and foremost because of this memorable event. Late February, my world was turned upside-down and shaken around like the little hard-plastic shapes that Ninjaspawn likes to tip out of a container and scatter all over the floor.

I've been wondering what kind of goals I'll set for myself in 2012. Now that I have a little one to look after, most of my needs and goals almost take a backseat to her needs. Not that I'm lamenting or anything - thankless self-sacrifice is a big part of being a parent.


It was an interesting year on the job front. Worked for a few weeks after the break before going on maternity leave. Came back a month early to assist the Tech Team achieve PCI compliance by the upper-management imposed deadline. Got praise, got a raise - everyone was happy.

Then all of a sudden, BAM! - company loses biggest client, no solid money making projects in the works to replace the revenue. Resignations and recruitment freeze makes for lonely and demoralising workplaces.

I decided to resurrect my Java roots and assist with the only active project being developed by the Tech Team. I helped saved the project's bacon, but there's still a long way to go before substantial revenue can be generated.

Despite all this, we still managed to have a pretty fun Christmas party at a Bowling Bar.

Towards the end of the year, the company was carved out and formed into a new company. New name, new year. Hopefully it translates to new beginnings and revenue and not "finding a new job".


Online Games: Was effectively forced out of FFXI thanks to Square Enix's new account management system. They promised alternatives that would address the current issues but as far as I know, none that doesn't discriminate against the Oceania region exists as yet.

A couple of months ago their old payment system failed right on the day that my subscription fee was due, causing my content ID to be cancelled and forcing me into retirement.

Since I couldn't be arsed with Click&Buy and I've got more important things to do than sit on my butt grinding in a virtual world, this is now the only MMO I play. Might as well grind in the real world and try to achieve some of last year's objectives:

1) push-ups on toes (not kneeling-push-ups!) for a set of 20 or more
2) get to 55kg or below (I'd be happy with 52kg)
3) City2Surf in under 80 minutes

I'm also hoping I can add at least another group fitness class in my routine. I might have to upgrade my Fitness First membership to passport so I can go to the branch near my work place.

Playing Fitocracy can be pretty addictive, especially if you're a quest wh0re like me. It's also great for motivating/introducing you to other forms of exercise. If the extra class plan falls through, I might make it a habit to complete bodyweight-applicable quests or pop down to the gym and quickly do some quests that require specific equipment.

Props to fluffyduck for getting me hooked (*insert fist bump symbol here*)

Art: Still need to find the time to paint that infernal Moogle...

Video Games: Interest in new purchases kind of died when Ninjaspawn was born because I still have this ridiculous amount of backlog and not enough free time to go through them. That and there haven't really been any releases that have piqued my interested (and doesn't involve the purchase of a brand new console/portable device).

Manga: See Video Games

Japanese: I have a translation project that I'd really like to complete this year. Hopefully I do!

Passing the Proficiency Test is also something that's been a permanent fixture on my year's objective, but there's no real incentive to get it these days. My interest in most things Japanese died when I started playing MMORPGs with xenophobic JP players =_=


Sort out cupboards and finally make use of some photo frames!

There are lots of other little goals on top of these. Probably way too many to fit in given my living, breathing time sink.

But hopefully I'll find the time to fit it all in!

Here's to 2012! \o/
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