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City2Surf 2011

I've only done it three times, but despite the crazy amount of crowds, the City2Surf has become my favourite event to attend. Actually, it's really the only regular event I attend... and it's sponsored by my company...

But anyway!

I almost missed it this year because I was on maternity leave for three months. Fortunately, I came back just before the cut-off date.

The weather on the day wasn't as nice as it was the last two times I participated. Apparently it's the first time in years that the weather wasn't bright and sunny. At least it didn't rain during the event - that would have been annoying because I had another (family) event to attend afterwards.

The results were published this morning and I got...



The "competitive" side of me can't help but feel a bit disappointed at being 12 minutes slower than last year - especially when you consider the fact that I was 14 weeks along at the time so I was holding back on purpose.

The "rational" side of me knows that the result was fitting consider: (1) I took a break from high-impact exercise for a couple of months, (2) I'm not able to attend all the group fitness classes I used to attend, (3) I didn't do as much outdoor jogging in the weeks leading to the event like the previous years (4) I was placed in the Yellow group this year which meant more people to trip over - which I ended up doing. Have a scraped knee as a souvenir.

Pending any "unplanned" events, maybe I can achieve my goal of breaking 80 minutes next year :)

Two days on, my legs are still complaining to me. It's amazing how many stairs I actually climb on a day-to-day basis when I have to stand there and think about it...
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