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It's Friday, Friday, Gotta Get Down on FRIDAY!

I'm in really good spirits today for a number of reasons. Here they are in reverse order:

#5 - Scored a free VCR from work.

They were just going to throw it away anyway. Video tapes are pretty worthless these days but when you've inherited an extensive collection of fan subs and religiously taped favourite childhood TV shows. It's something to be excited about. Too bad my dubbed Sailormoon collection got ruined because the last VCR we had ate it :(

#4 - NCIS Seasons 1 to 6 - GET.

I got seasons 3, 4 and 5 on sale at JB-HiFi last year. This year they were on sale again, so I decided to snap up the rest of the seasons up to season 6 because I'm just so completely obsessed with the series. So much so that I've officially decided to call my daughter's Rubber Ducky, "Dr. Mallard".

Now I just have to wait for season 7 and 8 to become "affordable"...

#3 - It's Saturday Tomorrow!

Saturday means Gym Time!
(BODY COMBAT Time to be precise.)

As a parent of an infant, it's really hard to find time after work to toddle off to the gym. Especially if you're required to nurse. I'm looking forward to when she's on solids so I can hopefully get the chance to do the Monday and Wednesday evening classes I used to do.

(Not looking forward to the smell though.)

#2 - PCI DSS Certification GET.

This one is more of a team effort than an individual achievement. The people involved with the project where tasked with developing and documenting an environment that complies to all of the relevant requirements for cardholder data security. The task was huge and the deadline was aggressive, but we managed to scrape through.

I don't really like to blow my own trumpet, but I'm pretty proud of the fact that I saved my team's bacon in this one. I went back to work part-time one month before I was officially required to return from maternity leave because as it turned out, my maternity cover was a bit of a flake.

Also, with everyone busy running around getting our Payments system compliant, no one had any time to pay attention to documentation. Which would have caused serious problems with the project considering that documentation of compliance was just as important as building the system itself.

It worked out for me because I was getting slightly bored and I love working with Confluence. I had a month an a bit to complete as much of the documentation as I could.

Apparently the auditors were really impressed with the way I structured the content - so big notch in the career belt for me \o/

#1 - I Get To Be in Parent-Mode! \o/

Might seem like an odd thing to have as #1 reason to be in good spirits about. Indeed, sometimes you hear parents talk and there's nothing "spirited" about their whinging.

Maybe I'm still a little bit naive about the whole raising kids thing. Maybe I'll change my mind later when she's old enough to run around and be rebellious.

Working full-time five days a week with long hours and a long commute back home, it gets a bit frustrating sometimes because I only get a couple of hours with the DD before I have to put her to bed and spend the rest of the night sterilising bottles.

Then there are the parts of the week when I feel like I'm Debra Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond.

But I get to forget all that because the weekend is here and I get spend the next two days being "rumbly tumbly" with mah little girl <3

Bonus Reason: Next Thursday OFF! WHOOT!
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Maybe I should ask you about documenting stuff, I have to do our systems but have no idea how to structure stuff :-/

If you want 6 more VCR/DVD combos we have them at work! you could set up your own fansub business? :)
happy to help you if i can XD