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City2Surf 2010

Ever since I did the City2Surf last year, I've been looking forward to doing it again this year. It's pretty crowded, but the atmosphere was great, the weather was fantastic and the event itself is challenging and fun.

Well, I suppose describing the event as fun depends on your personal preference. If running or walking long distances isn't your thing, then going on a 14km course from the middle of Hyde Park in the city CBD to Bondi Beach probably isn't for you. But since I've always been participating in cross-country events since primary school, this was right up my alley.

Like last year, the day was blessed with fantastic weather and great atmosphere. This year the record for attendance was broken at around 80k. They had to create a new area for the participants in the back-of-the-pack group. Being the 40th anniversary of the event, they also created a group specifically for participants who've been in all 40 City2Surf events.

This year I started in the SH1 group. I think they put the people who ran the event under 100 mins last year. It was hard trying to figure out where the pack started (more like ended) because the back of the group sort of got mixed in with the back of the queue for the toilets.

My goal this year was the same as last year: break 90 mins. My net finishing time ended up being 1:30:59, so technically I didn't actually make it. But I'm going to call "close enough" - mainly because I was asked to "take it easy".

Having better preparation leading into the event as well as an entrance and exit strategy at the drink stations should improve my finishing times for next time.

I think I want to move the bar to 80 minutes next year >:)

Official event photos can be found here. We got to run in "team gear" this year - score! Note my well-defined calf muscle in the first pic (hehe).
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