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Call me "sad" but there are two things in the world that get me worked up:

1) "train wrecks"
2) "justice wins"

Today's story is about the latter.

I work for a company that sells marketing services. For the past few years or so, CompanyA have hired us to develop the backend of this particular campaign and hire ThirdPartyB to handle the marketing and presentation side of it.

I started sometime in the middle of all this. ThirdPartyB where pretty slack wen I started and X number of campaigns later, they haven't changed at all. In fact, they've gotten sloppier.

Two months since the campaign started, and I'm still dealing with cross-browser weirdness. Apparently they assumed that everyone has a high-resolution screen and browses through maximised windows.

So of course when someone who likes working in low resolutions or who (like me) have several cascading browser windows opened comes along, the site no longer works because the hot spots on the form "buttons" have moved. I say "buttons" because they're actually DIVs over a background image of something that looks like a keypad.

And for that matter, what kind of nonsense is using a background image and hot spots to create a form button. Form elements should be form elements dammit!!

Anyway, two months after launch, CompanyA are finally taking user acceptance testing seriously and have come back to us with an issue that ThirdPartyB believe was caused by us.

And so, with much exasperation and eye-rolling, I dig through my email archives and found the thread that explicitly mentions that feature C works like that because ThirdPartyB TOLD us to implement like that Y campaigns ago.

Being vindicated feels good =)

Moral of the story: It pays to hoard useless information like that sometimes so write everything down and keep everything documented and archived!

P.S. I sure hope sentxd's claim of brain rot past 30 years is false or I'm going to be in trouble.

P.P.S. Still going to try to prove you wrong dammit!!
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