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Fitness Hijinx

On Monday, I attended my "favourite class" as usual. Monday classes are usually lead by "the other instruction" (as opposed to the "the-really-cool-instructor-with-the-washboard-abs") She's alright, but tends to forget the occasional move and mangle the choreography.

You know you attend a class waaaay too much when "the other instructor" recognises you, and then expecting that you remember all the moves, jokingly asks you to come on stage to help her out.

I didn't take her up on her offer of course... Besides, I only remember the moves from my favourite tracks or "easy" ones.

On the way home that day, I noticed that they had new timetables out, and were offering Yoga classes at 7:30pm on Thursdays nights.

I've always wanted to add another day to my weekly after-work routine, but I'm still adverse to running my guts out on machines by myself - it's just way too boring.

So out of curiousity, I rocked along to give it a try.

The classes didn't prompt me to go out and buy my own Yoga mat, but I didn't find it completely uninteresting. There were some parts of the exercise that really challenged my balance and made me realise just how little strength I had in my feet.

Like with all new classes, it will take a few sessions to get used to all of the moves. I guess it's a nice break from all the hyperactive classes that I tend to prefer.

EDIT: and then I went home and Chewie and I had two boxes of Dominoes pizza...

I'm hopeless (/.\)
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